Be An Active Bystander

active bystander picGather your friends on Facebook and show your support for sexual assault prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) during the month of April. Update your profile picture with our SASHAA Active Bystander photo filter! Want to help further our mission? Donate $10 or more to receive an Active Bystander Bracelet in the mail! 

Observe, Ask, Act! It’s on all of us to be active bystanders. Below are guidelines to follow when you find yourself in a situation where YOUR help is needed:

If you notice that someone appears uncomfortable, withdrawn, intoxicated, or otherwise indicates that they do not wish to be touched or talked to by someone, be an active bystander by following these steps:

  1. Observe the situation and your surroundings. If the situation looks questionable, tell someone else what you have observed and try to assess the situation together.
  2.  Ask the person if they are okay or if they want to leave. If they feel uncomfortable, help them find a safe ride home. Provide options and a listening ear.
  3. Create a distraction by starting a friendly conversation with the perpetrator so the person being targeted has a chance to create distance between themselves and the person harassing them.
  4. Alternatively, find an authority figure who can distract the perpetrator, or ask them to leave or stop the inappropriate behavior.
  5.  If the situation worsens, call the police, call out for help, or find an authority figure who can ensure the safety of the targeted individual.