Culturally Sensitive Services


SASHAA specializes in prevention and response to American victims of sexual assault overseas. As experts in the field, SASHAA believes that while sexual assault is not a by-product of culture, sexual assault survivors abroad face additional barriers that require culturally sensitive services and intercultural awareness.

SASHAA offers a continuum of culturally sensitive services including long term case management from advocates with intercultural backgrounds and experience working with sexual assault survivors, who have been specifically trained and are knowledgeable on the additional obstacles that American survivors overseas face. Our advocates assist with empowering survivors of sexual assault to make informed decisions by providing them with the knowledge on the country specific laws, services, and cultural norms. SASHAA offers specialized international safety planning, assistance with accessing appropriate medical and law enforcement resources, international transition services, counseling, and assistance with housing and other basic needs may it be back in the United States or in another area of the world.

SASHAA equips all advocates and volunteers with specialized intercultural sexual assault training. SASHAA requires all volunteers to have completed basic DV/SA 101 training, in addition to the SASHAA training, before answering the crisis line. The SASHAA training provides information on cultural sensitivity and intercultural sexual assault services, equipping advocates and volunteers with the necessary tools to best assist American survivors of sexual assault abroad.