Staying Safe with Technology

If your perpetrator is residing in the same household or has access to your phone or computer, here are some ways to stay safe on the phone and online.

Staying safe on the phone

Land Lines

When you have finished speaking with a SASHAA advocate from a land line, hang up and then lift the receiver, dial any number and hang up again. This way if someone dials redial on the phone they won’t be connected to the SASHAA Center.

Cell Phones

After speaking with a SASHAA Advocate from a cell phone, you can remove the call from your call log. Please keep in mind that although the international crisis line is toll-free, it will still use your cell phone minutes.


If you are residing with the perpetrator, the safest way to look for resources online is to use a computer outside of the home that the perpetrator does not have access to, such as a public terminal at a library, a community center or a sexual assault/ domestic violence organization. If you must use a computer that the perpetrator has access to, please read the following instructions on how to stay safe online.

Please select the browser below for instructions on how to clear the SASHAA website to minimize risk after viewing. Please note that this will not erase information from spyware or key-logging devices.

Internet Explorer