Staying Safe


The number one way to prevent sexual assault is to not rape.

We know that young women are at the highest risk of sexual assault.

But let’s be perfectly clear about a few things:

  1. It is not just the responsibility of women to avoid sexual assault. That’s blaming the victim!
  2. Men and boys are also victims of assault and unwanted sexual contact. It can be just as traumatic for men as for women.
  3. Men have no right to force someone against their will. Guys — ask for consent, and respect what your partner wants.
  4. We know that “bystander intervention” can work. Watch out for each other.  Speak up when someone is being inappropriate.
  5. Sometimes bad things happen in spite of being very careful and doing everything right. But it is never EVER your fault.

For more information about what men can do to stop sexual violence visit President Obama’s “It’s On Us” campaign. 

While the responsibility of ending sexual gender based violence is on the perpetrators, here is some information that may keep you safe while

Traveling Overseas  

Studying Abroad

Working Overseas

Traveling on Cruise Ships

You can always contact a member of the SASHAA team to discuss strategies for specific countries.