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*Live chat services are currently unavailable due to maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. To reach a case manager, please email crisis@pathwaystosafety.org or call us on our 24/7  international toll-free crisis line for immediate response. Return to Crisis Center page


Live Chat Terms & Conditions

When chatting with us, it’s best to use a computer or smartphone with a strong, internet connection to minimize the chance of the conversation ending abruptly. During times of high chat volume, there may be a short wait to be connected to a Case Manager. If at any time, you feel that your safety or privacy may be compromised due to the use of these services, we encourage you avoid using Live Chat, and instead call our crisis line by following the instructions on our website for how to reach us from the country you are in when you feel it is safe for you to do so. For privacy reasons, you may also wish to use a fictitious name for the purpose of this chat in order to remain anonymous.

Our chat services are provided by LivePerson. LivePerson uses cookies and IP Addresses are required to facilitate to a connection. Cookies are files created by websites you visit to help pages load faster. If you prefer not to use cookies, they can be removed or disabled via your browser’s privacy settings. Chat Logs are stored in an encrypted database by LivePerson for 13 months. Please be aware that despite our best efforts to protect your information, some level of risk when communicating via the internet is always present. Please also be aware that we may have to disclose certain information in response to specific types of legal processes including subpoenas and court orders.

By entering Live Chat, you are agreeing to the use of cookies and confirming that you feel that safe communicating with us via Live Chat. If you do not agree or wish to accept the use of cookies, please close this window and call our crisis line by following instructions on our Crisis Center page for how to reach us from the country you are in, or reach us via email at crisis@pathwaystosafety.org


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Your computer activities might be impossible to erase. If someone might be monitoring you, please use a safer computer or call our hotline for more information.

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